The Opera Player is the best iOS music player designed for playing the operas in your music collection. It has a simple, classic layout, letting you find and play your music easily. Operas are organized by composer or by title. And it is NO LONGER free!

Why not free? It has been free and generates no revenue at all for me - no ads, no selling user data, nothing. I developed the app because I love Opera (and other "classical" music), and I believed that the user experience offered by Apple's own Music Player could be improved in the special case of Operas. In the last several weeks, I have seen a huge spike of downloads, almost all from China. At first I was pleased - spread the love! And I know there is a lot of interest in western music in China. But as time went on, I became suspicious. After doing some research, it appears that many providers of free Apps have experienced similar spikes. The most plausible theory I have come across is that a click-farm company is paid to boost downloads from certain developers, but to hide the fake clicks from Apple, they also get the same fake accounts to download a bunch of unrelated Apps (all free of course). I want no part of this. My purpose in developing my App was to enhance the experience of anyone who enjoys Opera. In response, I made the decision today to sell my App for 99c. This is the only way I could think of to remove my app from being a participant in a fraudulent eco-system. Even at 99c, the App is a bargain, and it will not make me enough money even to cover my costs! But then if I do see a sale now and then, I will know that I reached someone who actually cares about Opera.

Queen of the Night

Dedicated to the enjoyment of Opera